Spa Pedicure & Regular Manicure Combo

Spa Pedicure & Regular Manicure Combo $38

Manicure with Regular Polish $15

Manicure with French Tips $20

Manicure With Gel Polish $25

Manicure With French Tips $30

Regular Nail Polish $6

Regular French Tips $10

**Gel Polish $15

Gel French Tips $20

**Gel Polish Take Off $3

Gel Polish Take off/ Regular Polish $10

**SNS $35

Add Tips $40

Pink and White $45

Ombre $45

**Take off $3

Take off Only $10

Acrylic Full Set with Regular Polish $28

Acrylic Fill-in $21

Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish $35

Acrylic Fill-in with Gel Polish $25

Acrylic Repair $3 + per nail

Acrylic Take off Only $10

Acrylic Overlay $25

Pink and White Set $48

Pink and White Fill $38

(Pink Fill $25)

Pink and White Ombre Set $45

(Pink Fill $28)

Gel Powder Set with Gel Polish $42

Gel Fill-in with Gel Polish $30

Gel Powder Set French Tips with Gel Polish $47

Gel Powder Fill-in with Gel Polish $35

Acrylic Take Off/ Regular Manicure $22

(French Tips $27)

Acrylic Take Off/ Regular Polish $15

(French Tips $20)

Acrylic Take Off/Gel Manicure $30

(French Tips $35)

Acrylic Take Off/ Gel Polish $25

(French Tips $30)

SNS Take Off/ Regular Polish $15

(French Tips $20)

SNS Take Off Gel Polish $25

(French Tips $30)


Spa Pedicure $25

• Includes Basic Pedicure 

• Callus removal 

• Sea salt scrub exfoliation 

• Oil and lotion hot-stone massage

Deluxe Pedicure $38

• Includes Spa Pedicure 

• Invigorating clay mask for feet 

• Sugar glow scrub exfoliation

• The fragrance of choice 

Pearl Spa Pedicure $40

• Contains over a dozen minerals and 18 different amino acids 

• A natural moisturizer that protects from UV rays and free radicals

• Promotes cell renewal for youthful healthy-looking skin 

Volcano Spa Pedicure $40

 • Detox Volcano Crystals and Activator combine for a bubbly explosion 

• Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

• Collagen cream mask and lotion with organic-based ingredients

Nu Skin Pedicure by epoch $40

Quick Escape Pedicure by enummi $30

Nature's Retreat Pedicure by enummi $40

The Ultimate Indulgence Pedicure by enummi $50

Pedicure Add-Ons

• French Tip $5

• Gel Polish $18

• Gel Polish French Tip $20

Regular Toe Polish $8

Regular French Tips $12

Gel Toe Polish $20

Gel Toe French Tips $25

** Take-off $3

Gel Polish Take off/ Regular Polish $13

Cut Toe Nails $5

Cut Finger Nails $5


Eyebrows $8

Lip $6

Chin $8

Whole face $25 -$30

Under arms $15 -$20

Full Arms $30

Half Arms $20 +

Full leg $50 -$55

Half leg $25 -$30

Eyebrow+Lip+Chin Combo $20

Natural Firewalker Pedicure

Herbal Mineral Bath

 A combination of 21 herbs creates an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin

Liquid Body Lufra

Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin

Grapefruit Body Bar

Removes dirt, oil, and impurities while drenching the skin in

conditioning moisture

Ice dancer Invigorating Leg Gel

Revives, stimulates, refreshes, cools and soothes tired, achy legs

Firewalker Foot Cream

Specifically formulated to give the nourishment and treatment your feet need. Soothes and rejuvenates them after a long day.

Sole Solution Foot Treatment

• Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy-looking condition 

• Softens and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for soft, smooth skin

Baobab Body Butter

• Delivers all-day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin

• Contains high levels of antioxidants 

• Promotes softer, smoother, and more

toned looking skin 

• Enhances the resiliency of skin over time